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Stewart Lodge is Billy Button Song & Dance Man: performing Cabaret, Music, Comedy and can be booked as Comic Character, Actor or Compere.

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Post ironic, anti-professional, character comedy.

Basically a man in a wig doing silly songs.

Stewart Lodge (as one of resident comperes) appears regularly

at Cabaret Boom Boom in Walkley Sheffield: The best Cabaret in the World

(is that right? Ed)


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Billy Button
Billy Button3 weeks ago
Billy Button
Billy Button1 year ago
They said 'do 10mins but you can do more if it's going well.' So anyway I did 10 mins. Leave em wanting more I say.
Billy Button
Billy Button1 year ago
Tickle cabaret. In Chorlton. Tonight. Bring it on its showtime if you like that sort of thing if not stay at home there's a good film on I hear.