Billy Says…

Billy Says…

Hello to you,
My name is Billy Button (Billy with a B, Button with a B) and I am a song and dance man.
(I don’t dance as much as I used to though.)

I think friendship is very important. After all if we can’t be friendly to each other then why are we here?

I am also spearheading an anti-dog excrement campaign which has the slogan, “There’s an excessive amount of dog fouling about – Billy Button says Stamp it out!” (Bag it up – would have been better.)

Unfortunately the campaign isn’t going very well. There’s still alot of it about.

Nevermind. I sense a wind of change.

I also like tongue twisters. Here’s one I use in my routine. To get the audience going. I mean warmed up.

Billy Button baked a buttered biscuit. Where’s the buttered biscuit Billy Button baked?

Very tricky. Have you got any tongue twisters for me? Send ‘em in. Especially ones that have got my name in them.

Oh well. As the man who was leaving the house used to say…” Bye bye.” (It’s a sort of joke. I don’t really do jokes.)


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